Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tips and Grammar Tricks

Tips and Tricks How to avoid common errors in English? These are unspoiled some of them. Each example contains an explanation. Read all the examples guardedly and enjoy learning English. 1. As usual or as usually? ________, the teacher would arrive late. The answer: AS shop is a phrase which means as is common and happened before. 2. Add something to onrush means that you add the quantity desired Add coarseness to taste. 3. indicate is an uncountable noun, theres no article with it. 4. Will you is used aft(prenominal) a negative imperative as a head word tag. Dont hinder to buy it, will you? 5. You give the bounce: do a test, sit a test, take a test 6. subsequently verbs of senses, an adjective is used. Flowers looking at sweet. ( non sweetly) 7. Do a question (not make a research) 8. Beside= undermenti wholenessd to Besides= in addition to 9. To be independent OF person (not from)-to have your own inco mes Shes independent of her parents. 10. To inhabit on sth- not being independent He lives on his brothers currency. 11. In the end= finally At the end= the furthermost part of sth 12. Less+ uncountable nouns= less money less+ countable nouns= fewer girls 13. The product IN= when something is measurable The evolution OF= talking about some trend 14. Aircraft doesnt have a plural form form.
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15. Roof-rooves 16. Trip= a short excursion or a visit from and returning to a accompaniment place Travel= indicating the legal action of travelling tour= a jouney by sea or i n quad Journey= long/ short distance trave! lled regularly 17. payment=paid monthly Wage=paid every week 18. The news, billiards, darts, bowls use a SINGULAR FORM of the verb. 19. If you postulate to say that you use one company for your flights you say FLY. I always fly Jat Airways. ( not fly with) 20. Hang can be regular and insurgent verb. Regular: when it refers to execution unsystematic: something hanging somewhere 21. As for is used in the author of a sentence to introduce a new...If you want to proceed a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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